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The Guide To Make Your Garden More Beautiful

There are 7 wonders of the world but you can not take them to home, but you can make a garden of wonderful flowers which will just add a wow! to your home. People always try to look better and smarter and they use many artificial elements to look more attractive. But the beauty of natural things needs no artificial elements. Beauty of nature always attract people as if their presence makes our lives more colourful.

The word flowers itself is so pleasant and powerful that it brings a sort of happiness and enthusiasm to our life. A plot of land planted with trees may give you wood and money but it can’t give you the priceless happiness which a garden of flowers can give. A garden is a mirror of a house which reflects your positive attitude and consciousness towards environment. Each and every person should have a garden before their house. Whenever you look at the flowers, you forget all your pains and problems. Flowers always has been a symbol of love and care. Flowers are not only meant for beauty and happiness but also they have great importance in preparation of many medicines ,dyes, and oils. They are also food for Insects — The nectar and pollen produced by the flower is what is eaten by many insects who in turn pollinate the flower, which then results in a fruit or vegetable that we eat. Anytime we can promote their health and vitality, the better and one way we can do that is by planting more flowers.

Proper care of garden is as much important as a garden is. Gardening is an art. Flowers are very delicate and tender and wet need to nurture them as we do for a little baby. a better garden that Here are the steps to make your own garden more beautiful and more healthy:
(1) Once you have decided to grow a garden, at first make a layout of your garden as per your available plot of land.

(2) Try to analyse the quality of the soil where the garden is being growm Make sure you Buy those fower plants which are supposed to grow well there.

(3) Build a proper boundary around the garden to protect it from grazing animals. Now prepare the soil with
necessary fertilisers and try to use natural and organic manure for better nourishment of the plants.

(4) Start buying flowers of good quality having varieties of colour, texture, shape, size and odour. Make sure
to gather information regarding methods of planting the specific plants from the shop keeper.

(5) Now plant them on different places in the garden keeping proper distance from one another. I suggest that
plant similar flowers in one place but not all. Along with flowering plants also grow some plants having
beautiful leaves mostly long and colourful. Also presence of grasses makes your garden more greenery

(6) Please ensure proper irritating system for your garden. Watering the plants regularly properly is very
important.plant seller.

Flowers are so beautiful and magnificent but those people are more beautiful who takes care of the flowers.
So, let’s be beautiful and delightful.